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Things You Should Do

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    Clean Your Hands Regularly

    Wash your hands properly with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer as often as possible.

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    Wear A Mask

    Wearing a mask can help protecting yourself and preventing the spread of infection of COVID-19 virus as well as all air-borne viruses, particularly if you are sick.

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    Keep Physical Distance

    Limit activities outside your home, avoid social activities in large gatherings, and keep 2 meters between yourself and others when you are out in public.

Things What We are Doing

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    Providing Physical Quality Control Inspection Services

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    Providing International Logistics Services

WESTERN COAST ENTERPRISE aims at providing Superior quality
in every dimension of our products.

About Us

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The objective of Western Coast Enterprise Ltd. is to develop, produce and trade Canadian forest products to traditional and emerging markets by collaborating directly with professional forest products producers.

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Western Coast Enterprise Ltd. provides following services:

To Our Customers

Log & Lumber Sourcing

Custom Cut

Logistic Management

Quality Control

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To Our Suppliers:

Sales and Marketing

Logging Operation Financing

Mill Operation Financing

Program Design

International Market Report

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Canada Head Office

Suite 103, 12300 Horseshoe Way,
Richmond, BC, Canada V7A 4Z1


Germany Office

4th floor, Magnolienweg
Aschaffenburg, Germany


China Office

Unit 1121, Suofeiya International Square, Lushan Road,
huangdao District, Qingdao, China