Social Responsibility

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct

Western Coast Enterprise Ltd. (WCE) leads a group of fast-developing, multinational supply chain management companies dedicated in reshaping global supply and demand connection. Our core business principles promote long term sustainability and viability.


WCE is committed to providing credible and reliable information about the origin of the forest products handled for our customers. Our chain of custody procedures track the purchase of fiber from certified sources, through the log sorting and scaling process, and the delivery of PEFC certified products to our customers. Our management team is committed to the chain of custody process, ensures the continued integrity and validity of the procedures, and provides the resources essential for implementation.

2. Ethics

WCE consistently operates in an ethical manner. We provide an inclusive, diverse, and fair workplace for all employees regardless of race, religion, beliefs, age, or identity. Sound business ethics guide our management team in their daily actions and decision-making and we adhere to principles and standards that govern the moral conduct of our business.

3. Community

WCE is a socially responsible company in which our management team makes decisions that result in business profits while being mindful of our impact on society. Our companies sponsor local events and have a presence in the communities they serve. We encourage our employees to volunteer, and support causes they believe in.

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